Maya Rolando and Sergi Parreño work as a team at Mandaruixa from Barcelona, Spain. They work at an international level offering interior design and graphic design solutions for communication problems.

They believe the world of communication is interconnected and all design disciplines are strengthened when they work in a way that is interconnected.

Mandaruixa specializes in every aspects of graphic designs, from brand identity, book design, brochures, communication campaigns, all the way large and small format typography.

The concept “Environmental Graphics” covers several design disciplines, including graphic design, architecture, interior design, since all of them are related by the visual aspects and brand identity communication in order to be able to obtain every possible use from existing means.

For over a decade Madaruixa has combined graphic design and interior architecture for indoor exhibitions at many locations, including the Casa Milà or the Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona, as well as at outdoor exhibitions on public thoroughfares and railroad stations in Barcelona.

Mandaruixa is best known in the editorial world for its temporary projects, with more than 20 years experience at European, Argentinean and Mexican international book fairs.
We believe that designing stands requires a combination of graphic design and interior design as key factors for efficient corporate communication.

The team at Mandaruixa puts itself in their client’s place in order to design their own personal image (image?). We believe a brand is able to communicate with their target through the design of the brand’s identity. A brand’s identity is a mixed message which is transmitted through the very brand, its logo, its style and the visual elements.

By working in the cross section of graphic design and interior architecture we are able to manage projects such as office, restaurant or retail design globally.
Mandaruixa can also craft corporate identity and graphic communication.

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